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How to choose a high quality touch query machine?

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Hits:292 Publication time:2018-05-30 SML
With the development of digital information, the application of touch and query machine is increasing. From the banking, business hall to the station, airport to shopping malls, hotels and other different sectors, you can see the application of touch and query machine. It can not only achieve touch inquiry business, but also play advertising and promotional information, and it is a terminal display device with multiple functions.At present, there are many kinds of touch inquiry machines in the market. How should users choose high-quality touch query machines?Let's get a detailed understanding of it with the technician.

1、A friendly interface

The touch inquiry machine is mainly used for the user to query information. The operation interface should be simple and easy to understand. The user does not need to understand the professional knowledge of the touch inquiry machine, and can understand all the information, hints and instructions on the screen. Interface friendly, suitable for users of all levels and ages.

2、Simple operation

Users only need to use the screen to prompt information and touch the machine screen with touch touch. They can enter the information interface and inquire about the information that they want, and the operation is simple and quick.

3、Response speed

The touch query integrated system should use sophisticated skills, query large capacity data, respond quickly, reduce waiting time and improve user experience.


The information storage of the machine is large, and any complex data information can be included in the multimedia system, such as sound, picture, text, video and so on, which can display a variety of information.

5、Dynamic networking

The system can establish various network connections according to the needs of the user, such as the connection with the telecom operation network and the telecommunication net, dynamically inquiring the process of receiving the telephone and the personal telephone bill, and connecting with the INTEANET and INTERNET Internet within the enterprise.

6. Good expansibility

The touch and query machine should have high scalability, can add system content and data at any time, and provide convenience for future networking, multi database operation and so on.

7. Secure and secure

The touch inquiry machine can run continuously for a long time. It has no influence on the system. The system is stable and reliable. The protection is simple, and the system contains a complete protection system which is exactly the same as the interface of the demonstration system. It can easily increase, delete and modify the data content.

About how to choose a high quality touch inquiry machine, this is introduced here. Shenzhen Shijing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with independent innovation, research and development, specialized production of LED liquid crystal display and terminal display equipment. It has unique LCD digital display technology and terminal display application technology. It can provide users with high quality touch inquiry integrated machine products, and can choose infrared touch. Touch, capacitance touch, nano touch and other inductive methods, with various sizes, can be customized according to needs.